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The Hideaway Report Celebrates 40 Years of Travel

Our founder promised to travel incognito, pay his own expenses and find hideaways with character and great service. Forty years later our values are the same.

Letter From the Editor: May 2019

For the May 2019 issue, our editors found an ecolodge in Cambodia, stayed at the latest hotel from the Aman founder in Vietnam and returned to Santa Barbara.

Letter From the Editor: March 2019

For the March issue, our editor journeys up the Nile Valley from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan, staying in new hotels and taking the temperature of the country.

Letter From the Editor: February 2019

This month we feature two contrasting locations: Transylvania in the heart of Romania, and Chicago, in the heart of the Midwest.

Letter From the Editor: December 2018

The December 2018 issue of the Hideaway Report covers Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica and the Historic Coast of Florida. We found properties to recommend in each.

Letter From the Editor: November 2018

For the November 2018 issue, we traveled to London and Japan. We found fine hotels in both, including a design hotel in Holborn and an onsen ryokan in Tokyo.

Hotels With Nothing to Dislike — Except Having to Leave

On rare occasions, Hideaway Report editors find a property that defies any attempt to ferret out fault. Here are six hotels that our editors hated to leave.

Editor’s Letter: October 2018

The Hideaway Report editor-in-chief reflects on the October 2018 issue, which covers Sweden, Denmark and Corsica.

Letter From the Editor: September 2018

For the September 2018 issue, we traveled to the spectacular country of Georgia and the wonderful city of Madrid. We found five hotels worth recommending.

Letter From the Editor: August 2018

Our editor visits Cape Town, South Africa, and finds it transformed after the opening of The Silo. This issue also sees extensive coverage of Abruzzo, Italy.

Letter From the Editor: July 2018

The July 2018 Hideaway Report sees us hotel hopping from the gorgeous coastline of Croatia to a vast track of wilderness in New Mexico.

Letter From the Editor: May 2018

In the May Hideaway Report, we venture to Morocco, where we stayed in one of the world's finest hotels. In contrast, this issue also reports on Lyon, France.

Letter From the Editor: April 2018

In the April Hideaway Report, we cover a one-of-a-kind resort in Rwanda that should be at the top of everyone's bucket list. We also report on Ghent, Belgium.

British Columbia's Kettle Valley Railway Trail

On a visit to British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, we had hoped to spend time on British Columbia's Kettle Valley Railway Trail.

Letter from the Editor: March 2018

In the March Hideaway Report, we cover the impressive new properties we found in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We also paid a visit to Barcelona.

Letter From the Editor: February 2018

In this issue, we introduce a new region of Italy to readers: the remote region of Basilicata, which reminded us of travel to Italy the way it used to be.

Letter From the Editor: December 2017

The Andrew Harper editor-in-chief reflects on this month's travels to Portland, Seattle and Whidbey Island, and a road trip in England’s North Country.

Letter From the Editor: November 2017

Our editor details his memorable journey to the south of France, where he discovered a secluded spot on the Var coastline.

Letter From the Editor: October 2017

The October 2017 issue sees Andrew Harper in Peru, trying new hotels in Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley. The issue also covers Hamburg and the Baltic Coast.

Letter From the Editor: September 2017

In this issue, Andrew Harper travels to Baja to see how the area recovered from Hurricane Odile in 2014, and visits Seville and rural Andalusia in Spain.

Letter From the Editor: August 2017

Mr. Harper revisits a favorite property in Rome, Hotel Eden, after its recent refurbishment and discovers three boutique hotels in Palm Beach.

Letter From the Editor: July 2017

A 10-day trip to the exquisite Dordogne valley uncovered two new hideaways. This issue also features Mexico City and Panama City.

Letter From the Editor: June 2017

Mr. Harper visits the Denmark countryside in a 10-day circular tour of its two main islands. Then he stops in the Lone Star State in search of great hotels.

Letter From the Editor: April 2017

It is a delight to stroll through the neighborhoods of Lisbon's historic center. This fall, I stayed in a number of smart new heritage hotels there.

Last Word: Terra Incognita

South African-born hotelier James McBride divulges a surfer's secret to Mr. Harper. Sumba. This island east of Bali is one of the last unexplored territories.

Letter From the Editor: March 2017

This month sees Andrew Harper in Ireland to check on the refurbishment of Ashford Castle and in Paris to see the new Ritz.

Last Word: The Restored Soane Museum

One of my favorite small museums is Sir John Soane's Museum in London. It contains an astonishing private collection of classical bronzes, mosaics and vases.

Letter From the Editor: February 2017

Last fall I embarked on a two-week journey through Norway, experiencing spectacular landscapes, cultural institutions, 'New Nordic' cuisine and superb hotels.

Letter From the Editor, December 2016

Mr. Harper constructed a two-week itinerary designed to focus on two of Switzerland's major lakes and its most spectacular mountain scenery.

Letter From the Editor, November 2016

In this month's issue, Mr. Harper details his trip to the Galápagos Islands and his stay in Quito. Two Boston hotels are also reviewed.

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