Indelible Memories


Indelible Memory: Just the Facts, Ma’am

Occasionally something happens on a trip that comes as a complete surprise -- even to a seasoned traveler. That was the case for our editor in New Orleans.

Indelible Memory: A Sundowner Drive in the Hoanib Valley

Sundowner drives are always wonderful, but this one, in Namibia's Hoanib Valley stood out for its scenery, elephants at play, a sudden rainbow and more.

Going Incognito: A Taste of Life as a Travel Editor

Our traveling editors make it a priority to maintain their anonymity, but it's not always easy -- especially if your dinner companion doesn't exactly cooperate.

Indelible Memory: Cookies and New Friends in Mălâncrav

Our editor visited Malancrav to see the 14th-century fortified church and its famous Gothic murals. What he found instead was much more special.

Indelible Memory: Being a Regular

When you are mistaken for a regular the best bar in the world, Dandelyan, you just go with it. With cocktail in hand, our writer experienced just that.

Indelible Memory: The Black Kites of Kyoto

A happy accident involving "black kites" and a sandwich on the banks of the Katsura River ends up feeling like a Kyoto rite of passage.

Indelible Memory: The View From the Marstrand Ferry

Just 45 minutes from Gothenburg, Marstrand, Sweden, is peaceful, prosperous and absurdly pretty, and possibly, at least in this moment, close to perfection.

Indelible Memory: Driving the D80 Around Cap Corse

The D80 follows the sea around the Cap Corse peninsula. It is one of the most exhilarating drives in the world, but it is not for the faint of heart.

Indelible Memory: Feasting With a Family in Georgia

A visit to the Old Vine Family Cellar in Kvareli, Georgia, began with a wine tasting and ended with an hourslong feast with the family themselves.

Indelible Memory: Life-Sustaining Abruzzese Bread

For centuries the food that sustained locals in Abruzzo was bread. Our editor enjoyed it so much, in fact, that it left him with a permanent craving.

Indelible Memory: A Poignant Visit to Cape Town's Robben Island

Just across the turquoise South Atlantic from the luxe Silo Hotel, our editor contemplates an important part of South African history on Robben Island.

Indelible Memory: Touring a New Mexico Pueblo With a Local

Little has changed at Picaris Pueblo, a historic Native American settlement just south of Taos, and the best way to see it is through the eyes of a local.

Indelible Memory: A Wasted Day in Dubrovnik

When an unexpected circumstance forces you to diverge from your itinerary, welcome the change of plans. This is how some of the best travel memories are made.

Indelible Memory: A Morning Stroll in Keukenhof Gardens

A visit to colorful Keukenhof is essential when visiting Amsterdam, and the colorful gardens are best enjoyed early in the morning, before the crowds arrive.

Indelible Memory: Dawn at Nihi Sumba

Sometimes traveler's insomnia has its advantages. A case of jet lag gifts us peaceful early-morning reveries on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba.

Indelible Memory: Crossing the Tizi n’Tichka Pass

Nothing can quite prepare you for experiencing a full-blown blizzard in Morocco, but that's just what we encountered crossing the Tizi n’Tichka Pass.

Indelible Memory: Lunch at Le Garet

Eating in a bouchon is as much about conviviality as it is food. These places are profoundly French, happy and communal. Le Garet is no exception.

Indelible Memory: Yoga in Nicaragua

Yoga is always a spiritual experience, but when nature sends you a message during it — in the form of a rainbow — you take heed.

Indelible Memory: Visiting the Ghost Village of Craco, Italy

The ancient hilltop village of Craco, Italy, was finally abandoned after an earthquake in 1980. It is now possible to explore it via hard-hat tours.

Indelible Memories: Reflections From the Past Year of Travel

At the end of each year, Andrew Harper editors look back at our travels and reflect on our indelible memories. Here are a few of them that will stay with us.

Indelible Memory: Wordsworth’s Suitcase

Finding kinship with William Wordsworth through a visit to Dove Cottage, in Grasmere, England, where the poet lived for eight years.

Indelible Memory: Kayaking the Salish Sea

To get an up-close view of orcas, we booked a full-day kayaking excursion with Discovery Sea Kayaks along the coast of San Juan Island.

Indelible Memory: A Bear Sighting in North Carolina

At a stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, we came across a black bear crossing the road and were thankful for our glimpse into his world.

Indelible Memory: Baltic Coast Beaches

Between Ole Liese and Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort, in the coastal town of Hohwacht, Germany, is the start of one of Europe’s great beach walks.

Indelible Memory: A Hike Above the Sacred Valley

A two-hour trek above the Sacred Valley unveiled Veronica's crenellated glaciers, terraces of the Inca and the indigenous people of Peru.

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