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The Enduring Appeal of Barcelona

Spain's second city is just as popular as ever and for good reason: It boasts superb restaurants and architecture and several luxury hotel options.

Nicaragua City Hotels: Where to Stay in Managua

In order to enjoy Nicaragua's great resorts, it's often necessary to overnight in Managua. Here are two hotels we tried, and one we can recommend.

Costa Rica City Hotels: Where to Stay in San José

Central San Jose can be aggressively ugly, but sometimes an overnight stay is a necessity. Here we review Finca Rosa Blanca and Hotel Alta Las Palomas.

The Middle House Debuts in Shanghai

Swire Hotels' fourth "House" property, The Middle House, is due to open in Shanghai in early 2018. Designed by Piero Lissoni, it will have 111 rooms.

Best City Hotels: Readers' Choice Awards 2016

The top hotels here are no surprise, both The Lowell and the Four Seasons George V have topped the Best City Hotels list for years.

New in Kyoto

Since it opened last February, the Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto on the banks of the Kamo River has become the most highly praised Western-style hotel in Kyoto.

Sydney: From The Rocks to Palm Beach

We flew for three-and-a-half hours from Vanuatu to one of my favorite cities, where man and nature have collaborated to sensational effect.

Readers' Choice 2015: Top 20 City Hotels

The top of this list offers no surprises. The Lowell, the Four Seasons George V and the Peninsula Chicago have all made this list consistently for years.

The Hotel Adlon

Few hotels have had as tumultuous a history as the Hotel Adlon Kempinski with a fate that has mirrored that of its home city, Berlin, Germany.

A Hit and a Miss in Midtown Manhattan

The Baccarat is a dazzling addition to the somber canyons of Midtown, while The Knickerbocker on Times Square proved a considerable disappointment.

London's Four Spectacular New Hotels

All great cities are dynamic: their economies evolve; their populations shift; new neighborhoods prosper. But even though this restlessness is the norm, the transformation of London in the past quarter-century has still been extraordinarily dramatic.

Readers' Choice 2014: Top 20 City Hotels

Each year, we ask our readers to vote for their favorite city hotels in the world. While the Four Seasons swept the category with its expansive and appealing brand, the landmark of urban elegance, The Lowell, rose in rankings to capture this year's top spot.

Enchanting Capitals of the Danube, Part 1: Vienna

Although Vienna now rules over a country only slightly larger than 
South Carolina, it still feels like the capital of an empire. The atmosphere is elegant and serene, miraculously unperturbed by the traffic and tourists of the 21st century.

Saigon: Preferred Hotel Update

Despite Vietnam’s rapid economic growth, the hotel choices in Ho Chi Minh City are surprisingly limited.

Brazil: The Best of Rio

On a sunny day, there are times when Rio de Janeiro really does become
 the Cidade Maravilhosa, the “Marvelous City,” a place where nature is resplendent, the climate is benign, and the people are startlingly beautiful.

14 Favorite Noteworthy Cities

While a destination’s scenery and visual image often draws travelers, the sounds of a place can be just as alluring. Here, we highlight music cities around the world.

Revisiting the Grandeur of Washington, D.C.

Americans of all political stripes tend to take a jaundiced view of Washington, D.C., these days, so it is easy to forget that it is a city of great beauty, with fine hotels, stellar restaurants, a vibrant arts scene and world-class museums. My recent trip was inspired chiefly by a desire to stay in the new and much-anticipated Capella hotel in Georgetown, but I was soon reminded how I invariably enjoy visits to the nation’s capital.

City Hotels: Munich Lodging Options

No big city in Germany is as gemütlich (congenial) as Bavaria’s capital, where the onion domes of the Frauenkirche tower over an old quarter.

Reader Survey 2013: Top 20 City Hotels

The Peninsula Beverly Hills tops the list this year with The Peninsula Chicago coming in a close second. View the list below to see winning properties from China, New York, England and more.

Milan: Two New Designer Hotels and One Old Favorite

I recently decided to spend a week in Milan, staying at the two new hotels and checking up on an old favorite. Here are the three hotel reviews from my time in Milan.

Amsterdam: New Hotels and Cultural Riches

Four centuries after the Golden Age, a period of prosperity and artistic achievement that transformed Amsterdam from a fishing village into a wealthy hub of international trade, this delightful city is in the middle of a new renaissance.

The Trump Soho, New York City

Contemplating my recent trip, I pondered where to stay and decided to try the new Trump SoHo, which opened in 2010. This choice was partly motivated by recent experiences at two other Trump properties, in Chicago and Panama City, both of which exceeded my expectations.

Additional Recommendations in SoHo and Tribeca

On a relatively quiet street just one block west of Broadway, the Crosby Street Hotel is a complete counterpoint to the Trump SoHo.

The Siam: Bangkok’s Spectacular New Boutique Hotel

Located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, The Siam is one of the most talked-about openings in Asia for years.

Sincere Hospitality at The Rittenhouse Hotel

Although it is one of the country's most historic cities, Philadelphia tends to be overshadowed by the nearby skyscrapers of Manhattan and the monuments of Washington, D.C. Nor has its reputation been enhanced by Hollywood, which generally portrays Philadelphia as gritty (as in "Rocky") or grim (as in "The Sixth Sense"). This isn't fair to the charming and pedestrian-friendly Philadelphia of today.

Reader Survey 2012: Top 10 Favorite City Hotels

The Peninsula Chicago 1. The Peninsula Chicago, Illinois 2. The Lowell New York City, New York 3. The Stafford London, England

10 Days in Panama

A sample Panama itinerary from the Andrew Harper Travel Office

Essential Montevideo

Many visitors to Uruguay skip Montevideo, perhaps because of its lack of quality hotels or because they’re in a hurry to get to the beach. This is a mistake. Montevideo (meaning “I see a hill”) is a polite, attractive city with some superb architecture and excellent restaurants; it easily warrants a night or two on either side of a beach holiday.

The Boutique Hotels of Quito

Until recently, few sophisticated travelers opted to linger in Quito. But times are changing fast: In recent years, the magnificent Old City has been extensively restored; Quito was designated the 2011 American Capital of Culture; and a new airport is scheduled to open at the end of 2012.

Panama: New Options for Sophisticated Travelers

“A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.” Aside from being a clever palindrome, this simple phrase sums up the general perception of Panama: home to the great canal and beset by military strongmen, the last of whom, Manuel Noriega, was ousted in 1989.

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