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Andrew Harper members have unlimited access to in-depth hotel reviews, curated itineraries, firsthand advice on destinations and excursions, special savings on travel packages and complimentary upgrades at select properties around the world.

All members receive access to the Andrew Harper website, including inspirational travel articles, insider information, photos and videos taken by our editors and full reviews of
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Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report

Objective, candid, indispensable. Discerning travelers don’t book a trip without consulting Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report first.

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  • The Hideaway Report newsletter delivered to your home monthly.
  • Each issue features two recently visited destinations highlighting hotel discoveries (or disappointments), updates on currently recommended hotels in the area, favorite restaurants and local excursions that shouldn’t be missed.

The Andrew Harper Collection

Every year, our editors research, review and curate the best hideaways and hotels around the world and compile them, by region, in this 12-volume collection, the definitive travel-planning resource.

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  • The complete Andrew Harper Collection, printed bi-monthly, profiling all of Andrew Harper’s recommended hotels and restaurants.
  • Access to all current Collection books in digital format, available for immediate download.
"I love the honest and unabridged reviews of hotels that I dream of visiting. My membership allows me to learn of places I might never have known about otherwise."
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Our wine concierge provides tasting notes and access to rare wines so our members can build unique private collections.

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  • A weekly e-newsletter featuring curated wine selections.
  • Special members-only pricing and personalized recommendations.

Personal Travel Advisors

Members can take advantage of our professional full-service luxury travel agency, offering reservations for everything from commercial air and private jets to custom tours, villa rentals and private yachts.

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  • Customized end-to-end vacation planning and booking services.
  • Assistance before, during and after your trip.
  • Personalized service and exclusive benefits.

Travel Benefits

Andrew Harper members who book with our travel office receive special rates, exclusive amenities and VIP status at over 1,500 luxury hotels worldwide, including all hotels within leading brands like Four Seasons Hotels, Belmond Hotels, Rosewood Hotels, The Peninsula Hotels, Oetker Collection and more!

Members Receive:

  • Exclusive access to private hotel auction packages and limited-time offers with savings of up to 60%.
  • Spa credits, room upgrades and more at select hotels valuing $1,110, on average, per 4-night stay.
"We won’t travel anywhere without consulting Andrew Harper. The reviews have been invaluable. Bottom line, if it doesn’t receive a glowing review from the editors, we won’t go."
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