Best Amenities: Spas, Beaches, Pools and More

Hideaway Report editors single out particularly memorable amenities --beaches and baths to spas and pools -- from the hotels and resorts they visited.

Favorite Hotels of the Year

In 2018, Hideaway Report editors discovered an unusual number of exotic far-flung retreats and several exquisite city hotels. Here are their favorites.

What to Buy in Corsica

When visiting Corsica, one of the most scenic islands in the Mediterranean, look for these specialities: olive oil, charcuterie, immortelle and coral jewelry.

The Best of Corsican Cuisine

Corsica never succumbed to industrial agriculture, so local ingredients and traditional methods are used. Here are the restaurants that make the most of them.

Indelible Memory: Driving the D80 Around Cap Corse

The D80 follows the sea around the Cap Corse peninsula. It is one of the most exhilarating drives in the world, but it is not for the faint of heart.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Corsica

The French island of Corsica has much to recommend it: Exceptional beaches, superb food and wine and now two stellar boutique hotels.

Three Monuments to Napoleon in His Birthplace

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio, Corsica, and the town remains proud of the famous general. Here are three monuments to him visitors should not miss.

Drinking, Corsican Style

Corsicans invariably prefer to consume products that are made on their beloved island, whether it's wine, beer or mineral water.

New Boutique Hotels in Corsica

Corsica, or "Ile de Beaute," as the French call it, is a miraculously unspoiled place. Our editor spent 10 gorgeous days there inspecting new boutique hotels.

Editor’s Letter: October 2018

The Hideaway Report editor-in-chief reflects on the October 2018 issue, which covers Sweden, Denmark and Corsica.

A Taste of Corsica

Since many Corsican foods are strictly local, a visit to one of the island's shops provides a useful lesson in the delicious produce you'll find on menus.

Andrew Harper's Corsica

Andrew Harper consulted with Lexus Magazine to create the following slideshow highlighting the charms of Corsica, which sits in the Mediterranean Sea 105 miles from mainland France and only 56 miles from Italy.

An Extraordinary Corsican Retreat

On cold, wet days this past winter, I often found my mind drifting back to the hypnotically beautiful view we enjoyed last fall from our freestone cottage on the 4,900-acre Domaine de Murtoli in southern Corsica.