The Zeitz Museum Transforms Cape Town

What the Tate Modern was to London, the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is to Cape Town: an art museum that has transformed the city.

Portland's Bullseye Projects: An Art-Glass Gallery

Portland's Pearl District is home to several impressive art galleries. Of these, my favorite was art-glass gallery Bullseye Projects.

Notable Art Galleries in San José del Cabo

In the northeast part of San Jose del Cabo, along Obregon between Guerrero and Hidalgo, art galleries are flourishing.

Gallery Hopping in a Desert Town: Art in Marfa, Texas

High-quality independent galleries have helped transform the tiny West Texas town of Marfa into a legitimate global art destination.

The Best of Caravaggio in Rome

Italian Renaissance painters tend to go in and out of fashion. Caravaggio was forgotten after his death, but today his reputation seems to be at its zenith.

Art Gallery Safari in the City of Angels

Los Angeles isn't celebrated as an art world mecca like New York, but it should be. Elite galleries, once few and far between, have reached critical mass.

The Art Galleries of Mendocino County

Given the inspiring scenery, it is unsurprising that artists have flocked to Northern California. We found several galleries in Mendocino County.

6 Essential Photo Galleries in New York City

From Pace/MacGill to Howard Greenberg, New York is a paradise for photography collectors year-round. These six galleries are proof.

Favorite Museums & Art Galleries 2017

Looking back at a year in travel, these were Mr. Harper's favorite museums and art galleries around the world.

Notable Vancouver Museums

In addition to its dramatic natural setting and superb selection of restaurants, Vancouver has a handful of world-class museums.

Vancouver Art Galleries

Gastown, Vancouver's oldest quarter, is among the city's most charming, with a concentration of upscale galleries focusing on top-quality First Nations art.

Quito Shopping: Arts and Crafts

Shopping in Quito can be a real pleasure, especially in La Mariscal, a neighborhood just northeast of the historic city center.

Contemporary Art in Burgundy

Burgundy has much to recommend it, but its contemporary art scene is hardly world-renowned.

Favorite San Francisco Galleries

The contemporary art scene in San Francisco is burgeoning. Here, Mr. Harper details his favorite galleries in the city.

Aboriginal Art: Two Favorite Sydney Galleries

Sydney’s thriving contemporary art scene is particularly notable for its talented contingent of Aboriginal artists.

A Gallery Find in a Forest

En route to Cape Leeuwin to see the point where the Indian and Pacific oceans meet, we passed through a forest and came upon signs for the Boranup Gallery.

Layover in Darwin, Australia

Located on the Timor Sea in the so-called “Top End,” Darwin is the state capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. The city provides a base for the Outback.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Perth's Art Gallery of Western Australia is set in chronological groupings called, which gives visitors an opportunity to observe changes in artistic style.

Daylesford: A Gastronomic Country Retreat

Lake House, a country house hotel set on a wooded and sheltered hillside overlooking Lake Daylesford, holds stellar cuisine and an idyllic park-like setting.

Carmel Art Galleries

Mr. Harper shares a selection of favorite art galleries from his recent trip to Carmel, California.

Memorable Art Galleries of Aspen

Aspen has a thriving gallery scene, including several that sell museum-quality works by world-famous artists.

What to Wear: Santa Fe

One could easily spend an entire afternoon browsing the art galleries along Santa Fe’s Canyon Road.

Gallery Scene: A Stroll Along Canyon Road

The sheer number of galleries that line Santa Fe’s Canyon Road can be overwhelming. On this latest visit, I took a day to find those most worth browsing.

Arts and Crafts: Artisans Festivals

Drawn by the light, the landscape and its (out-of-season) tranquility, numerous artists and craftspeople have made the Vineyard their home.