'Gone Fishing': Deep Sea Fishing in Sicily

Sicily's appeal transcends its ancient heritage, and deep sea fishermen will be pleased to find that most fish in the area frequent the Straits of Sicily.

What Is This? Ballarò Street Market

In the September 2014 Hideaway Report, our editor leaves us with a mention of this Sicilian street market. But what exactly is Ballaro?

Web Exclusive: The Best Cooking School in Sicily

The exotic food of Sicily is no longer a secret, which is why so many people now head to the island's best and friendliest cooking school to learn how to prepare a selection of authentic recipes.

Palermo Hotel Update

Palermo is an anchovy of a city: a strongly flavored place that most travelers either love or loathe. Its setting on a mountain-backed bay is magnificent; it has some superb architecture and museums, plus a thriving food scene.

Featured Auctions: Grand Hotel Timeo, Hotel Caruso, Villa San Michele

Grand Hotel Timeo, Hotel Caruso, Villa San Michele

2012 Andrew Harper Signature Tours

Our Signature Tours are meticulously designed to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to small groups of like-minded travelers. These trips feature

Indelible Travel Memories of 2011

Travel is often exhilarating and intoxicating, but it also bequeaths a fund of memories that is a lifelong source of solace and delight.

Family-Friendly Profile: Verdura Golf & Spa Resort, Sicily

Though many resorts tout themselves as being family-friendly, Verdura Golf & Spa Resort in Sicily makes good on the claim with a dedicated kids'

Sicilian Cuisine

Sicilian ports land some of the best seafood in the world?--?superb shrimp from Mazzara, plus swordfish, squid and octopus?--?and its farms produce outstanding olive oil, as well as fine fruit and vegetables. The Sicilian kitchen has also been enriched by the cultures that have washed over the island: the Greeks introduced olive trees and grapevines; the Arabs brought cinnamon, saffron, couscous and rice; and the Spanish endowed the island with the chocolate, tomatoes and peppers they had discovered in the New World.

Thursday Escape: Verdura Golf & Spa Resort, Sicily

Located 60 miles south of Palermo, Verdura Golf & Spa Resort occupies a pretty stretch of seafront just outside the town of