Music Playlist: Southwest Road Trip


Every road trip needs a playlist. On my recent trip to Arizona and Utah, we loaded up our Jeep Wrangler and plugged in this selection of music and audiobooks for the road.

Classic Country and Rock

A little bit of country and a little bit of rock and roll have a way of making the wheels turn easier on a road trip. I’ve selected some classics from the Texas Tornados, Willie Nelson and the Band, along with new favorites, like Valerie June and Kurt Vile.

Native American Tunes

R. Carlos Nakai is member of the Ute nation and the only person to ever earn a gold record, for “Canyon Trilogy,” for a recording of the Native American flute. The soft and haunting tunes are the perfect soundtrack for exploring Arizona history or just relaxing on the road.

Audiobook: “In Search of the Old Ones”

I never travel without an audiobook, and “In Search of the Old Ones” is a perfect blend of adventure and history for your drive. David Roberts, an accomplished outdoors writer and professor, details a lifetime of hiking in the backcountry of the Southwest in search of the hidden remains of Ancestral Puebloan civilizations. Along the way he scrambles down dangerous slot canyons and into the archaic past of indigenous peoples.

Montezuma Castle, an Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwelling in Arizona
Montezuma Castle, an Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwelling in Arizona - Photo by Hideaway Report editor
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