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Offering otherworldly landscapes, diverse wildlife and a lack of crowds, Namibia was a natural place for us to return to. While there, we saw desert-adapted giraffe, elephant and rhino, visited a Himba village and found two stunning new lodges to recommend in the April 2019 issue of the Hideaway Report.

Hoanib Valley Camp

Guest tents and chairs set up around the fire pit at Hoanib Valley Camp in Hoanib Valley, Namibia
Guest tents and chairs set up around the fire pit at Hoanib Valley Camp in Hoanib Valley, Namibia - Photo by Hideaway Report editor

Hidden behind a narrow break in the rock, this camp has memorable views of its namesake. The main tent at its center, where house-party-like dinners are served, has attractive seating groups for lounging and a central island that serves as a buffet and bar. Flanking the main tent, the six guest accommodations, including one for families, are decorated in a simple and masculine campaign style. Activities include fantastic game drives that track desert-adapted rhino and elephant as well as other animals, and visits to Himba settlements and Herero villages.

From the editor: “As much time as one spends with a guide, the heart of a safari lodge is often its waitstaff. And Hoanib Valley Camp is extremely fortunate in Winnie, who served us with great zest and humor along with impressive professionalism. The food she brought to the communal dining table was delicious, if not the height of sophistication.”

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Shipwreck Lodge

Our guest villa at Shipwreck Lodge on Skeleton Coast
Our guest villa at Shipwreck Lodge on Skeleton Coast - Photo by Hideaway Report editor

Ragged-edged wooden ribs cradle each of the buildings at this remote lodge, making it appear as if the 10-villa property washed up on the low dune it occupies. The outward-leaning walls, clad in wood siding and punctured with porthole-like windows, enhance the nautical effect. Inside, the rough strand board paneling contrasts sharply with the luxe furnishings and décor of the main lounge. Memorable activities include desert walks to see dancing white lady spiders and endemic yellow-and-purple geckos, fishing, beach barbecues, ATV drives in the adjacent sand sea and sledding down the dunes.

From the editor: “Our stay at Shipwreck Lodge was extremely enjoyable. Our excellent guide packed our schedule with memorable activities. In between activities and meals, we relaxed in our villa, either on its terrace or on the plum velvet daybed set beside tall windows and a woodburning fireplace.”

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