Qatar Airways Introduces Private QSuites


The business-class services on the principal Gulf airlines — Emirates, Etihad and Qatar — have long been acknowledged to provide levels of comfort that are vastly superior to those on most major American and European carriers. This explains why Dubai in particular has become a hub for travel to Asia and Africa, as well as to the Middle East and the Maldives. Now Qatar Airways has sought to outdo the competition with the introduction of its business-class QSuite. This provides each passenger with a private enclave; suites can be conjoined to create a double bed; and four suites can be customized to create a private communal space for a family.

The new QSuite in Qatar Business Class, Qatar Airways
The new QSuite in Qatar Business Class, Qatar Airways - Qatar Airways

The seats are finished with hand-stitched Italian leather, and passengers on night flights receive classic cotton pajamas from London’s The White Company. I look forward to trying the service myself, if only to discover how it differs from first class.

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