Singita Opens in Rwanda


If you are moved by wildlife and wild places, an encounter with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda is one of the great experiences of travel. Traumatized by the genocide of 1994, the country has made a remarkable recovery, even though its politics remain somewhat vexed. Wilderness Safaris, one of the continent’s preeminent safari companies, opened the remarkable Bisate Lodge in 2017, which we rated a 98 after an exceptional stay.

South Africa-based Singita, whose properties have long been favorites of Hideaway Report members, has now followed suit with Kwitonda Lodge. (The property is named for a silverback gorilla of legendary placidity and gentleness.)

Set on 178 acres at the edge of Volcanoes National Park, it has just eight suites, with indoor and outdoor fireplaces and heated plunge pools, plus a four-bedroom villa, Kataza House. More than 500 local artisans and builders were involved in crafting lava-rock walks, woven ceilings and hand-fired terra-cotta brickwork, ensuring a translation of local culture into the design. Like Wilderness Safaris, Singita is dedicating significant resources to reforestation initiatives, in order to expand the gorillas’ natural habitat.

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