The Art of Chimayó Weaving


On our drive north from Santa Fe, we stopped in the small weaving town of Chimayó hoping to find a handwoven tapestry in the traditional Chimayó style: stripes and a geometric center design in black and white set against a bold red background. We stopped in Ortega’s and Trujillo’s weaving stores but walked out empty-handed. Our final stop was Centinela Traditional Arts, a seventh-generation weaving shop owned by husband-and-wife team Irvin and Lisa Trujillo. I was greeted at the door by Irvin and led inside to a large high-ceilinged room with a traditional standing loom positioned directly under a skylight.

Handwoven items from Centinela Traditional Arts, a weaving shop in Chimayó, New Mexico - Photo by Hideaway Report editorIrvin has been weaving since the age of 10. His passion is the history of the craft itself and the belief that weaving can meaningfully connect us to past generations. Each of his tapestries is so intricate and colorful, selection was not an easy task. Centinela is a one-of-a-kind shop where the owners are producing exemplary pieces that display the highest levels of skill and design.

Centinela Traditional Arts
946 State Road 76, Chimayó. Tel. (505) 351-2180

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