Staff-Favorite Holiday Travel Destinations


Whether you’re gathering the whole family or looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet, the holiday season is ripe for making memories — so why not be somewhere truly remarkable? Here, the Andrew Harper staff shares a few top picks for unforgettable holiday travel.


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"As long as you are planning in advance, a cruise is an excellent way to spend your holidays! Most cruise lines will plan special trips with extraordinary experiences. Think Christmas on a private beach, or a river cruise to visit the Christmas markets in eastern or central Europe. New Year’s is flush with possibilities from fireworks displays and opulent holiday parties. Family travel is perfectly handled, and it’s an amazing way to connect with your loved ones that may be scattered across the country. The best part about this travel is the old adage that you unpack once and easily slip into the best parts of the world!” – Paula Macejak


Munich Christmas market
Munich Christmas market - © Lianem/iStock/Thinkstock

“The Christmas markets in Germany are lovely, especially Munich! Vienna is spectacular for New Year’s Eve with the Silvesterball [formerly the Kaiserball]—stay at the Sacher or Hotel Bristol, before heading to Salzburg. London and the Cotswolds are also magnificent. Any major city in Europe will be decorated beautifully!” – Paula Dunlap


“A few years back I visited the Berkshires in Massachusetts the week between Christmas and New Year’s. It is a beautiful snowy destination and the holiday spirit was still alive in the quaint towns.” – Georgia Beth Ridenhour


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“A lot of resorts in popular warm-weather and skiing destinations are hopelessly sold out for the holidays, but sometimes gorgeous villas are still available. A villa can be such fun for a family or some friends traveling together, because it gives you so much more private space without necessarily sacrificing service (and you can have it festooned with Christmas decorations, if you like).” – Sandi Ferreira

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