Walking Tours


Four Favorite Castles in Alsace, France

Alsace is a peaceful and prosperous wine region. Here are four castles that punctuate a storybook landscape of forests, vineyards and well-preserved houses.

Things to Do in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Phoenix-Scottsdale is known for its golf resorts and cacti, but there is a lot more to explore: museums, shops, hiking trails and Native American history.

Two Stellar Food Tours in Two Southeast Asian Countries

One of the joys of travel is savoring the cuisine of another country. On this trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, our writer enjoyed two excellent food tours.

7 Things to Do in Charleston and Savannah

Architecturally, and in atmosphere, both Charleston and Savannah form a wonderful contrast. Here are 7 things to do and see in the cities.

Paris: A Walking Tour Through the Marais

Eight hundred years ago, the Marais was marsh. It was settled by the Knights Templar in the 12th century, and two centuries later, Charles V built the first of many royal residences here.

Beacon Hill Walking Tour

Our stay at XV Beacon gave me the chance to revisit one of the most beautiful urban enclaves in the country: Beacon Hill.

A Walking Tour Through the Presidio and Marina Districts

The northern neighborhoods of San Francisco offer a wealth of sights and activities. Our proposed walking itinerary takes in all the highlights.

Berlin Boutiques Walking Tour

On this trip to Berlin, Germany, I sought out smaller boutiques and quirkier shopping streets in hopes of finding some unique gifts to bring home.

Web Exclusive: Tel Aviv Walking Tour

On April 11, 1909, a group of 66 Jewish families gathered in sand dunes a mile north of the ancient port of Jaffa to divide the patch of barren land that had been purchased on their behalf.

Paris: A Suggested Left Bank Food & Wine Stroll

This Left Bank itinerary begins with a leisurely breakfast at the Cafe de Flor and continues with stops at local shops and cafes.

Montréal Walking Tour

Set on a grid pattern, Montreal is an eminently walkable city, and an excellent place to start is the lovely Vieux-Montreal, with its time-honored buildings set on cobbled streets.Begin at the Place d'Armes, which contains the magnificent Notre-Dame Basilica -- a favorite of Luciano Pavarotti, apparently, owing to its excellent acoustics.

Bath and Environs Itinerary

Bath and Environs: A recommended itinerary from the Andrew Harper Travel Office.