Wine Regions


Best Cape Town Restaurants

Cape Towners love their restaurants, and the city boasts a wealth of star chefs serving relaxed lunches and sophisticated dinners. Here are seven great choices.

COMO Castello Del Nero: A Chianti Classic Reopens

Set within an imposing 12th-century castle, COMO Castello Del Nero, outside Florence, has reopened after an extensive renovation.

The Estate Aims to Reimagine Napa

The Estate is a 22-acre enclave, located right in the center of Yountville, California, that aims to "redesign the Wine Country experience."

A Taste of Chile at Matetic Vineyards

Matetic Vineyards, one of Chile's top wineries, is located in the Rosario Valley 60 miles west of Santiago and features a tasting room, restaurant and hotel.

7 Sparkling Wines for Summer

In summer, a glass of bubbly feels almost mandatory. In addition to ever-popular Champagne, here are seven interesting sparkling wines worth trying this summer.

Favorite Anderson Valley Wineries

The Anderson Valley reminds me of what Napa Valley was like 30 years ago. The wineries are simple, accessible and low-key. Here are seven we recommend visiting.

Letter From the Editor, August 2016

Andrew Harper reviews his travels from this month's issue, from a driving journey through Galicia to the beaches of the Caribbean and Dominican Republic.

Beyond Cava: The Still Wines of Catalonia

When most of us think of Catalan wine, we think immediately of Cava, but this sparkling wine represents only one aspect of Catalonia's rich vinous heritage.

Undiscovered Treasures: The Wines of Alto Adige

Read about this Italy wine country discovery. Of any region in Italy, Alto Adige receives the highest number of awards per liter of wine produced.

Sardinian Wineries and Vineyards

From Cagliari to Oliena, discover favorite Sardinian wines, wineries and vineyards made from exceptional local and organic grapes throughout the Italian island.

A Celebration of American Wine: Top 10 Wine Regions

In honor of Independence Day, we in the Travel Office decided to do our patriotic duty and investigate America's most fascinating wine regions.

Four Unexpected Wine Regions Around The World

The more we travel, the more we have found surpassingly pleasing wines originating from areas outside of the typical areas of California, France, South Africa and Australia.

An Unexpected Taste of Hawaii

There are many tastes and foods I associate with Hawaii —macadamia nuts, great Kona coffee, delicious fish we never see at home, and fruit juice-fueled cocktails.

One to Avoid In Temecula Wine Country

The Temecula wine country in between San Diego and Palm Springs would be a fine place to stop for an evening, if there were a charming place to stay.

The Undiscovered Wine Country of Virginia

When most people think of great American wine regions, the West Coast usually tops the list. But one of the loveliest wine countries hides in the east, in Virginia, where world-class wineries ply their craft in a rolling landscape rich in colonial history.

Unexpected Wine Country: Cappadocia, Turkey

Viewed from above in a hot air balloon, Turkey’s Cappadocia region looks more like the rugged American Southwest than a wine country.

Unexpected Wine Country: Salta, Argentina

Everyone has heard of Mendoza, Argentina’s most famous wine region, where vineyards give way to dramatic views of the Andes.

The Wines of Languedoc-Roussillon, France

With more than 700,000 acres under cultivation, the Languedoc-Roussillon produces as much wine — if not more — than the state of California.