Favorite Wine Bars in Colmar

Seeing the vineyards and tasting wine where it's made gives you a deeper connection to it. In Colmar, we had great fun learning about Alsatian wines.

Touring Alsace Wineries

Alsace is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. We visited seven wineries there, each of which has something unique to offer the oenophile.

Favorite Restaurants in the Yucatán

Eight outstanding restaurants in the Yucatan, where the chefs are cooking everything from traditional Oaxacan fare to wood-fired pizza and molecular gastronomy.

Santa Barbara Wine Country

Our writer spent the day sampling wine at tasting rooms across Santa Barbara wine country. Here are four of her favorite stops along the way.

COMO Castello Del Nero: A Chianti Classic Reopens

Set within an imposing 12th-century castle, COMO Castello Del Nero, outside Florence, has reopened after an extensive renovation.

Five Tel Aviv Restaurants

Tel Aviv has become one of the world's great food cities, with an ever-evolving culinary scene. Here are five restaurants we recommend.

How to Choose the Perfect Burgundy

The coveted wines of France's Burgundy region command stratospheric prices and frenzied demand among wine connoisseurs.

Most Memorable Wine and Spirit Tastings

As well as finding unusual wines in unexpected places on our travels this year, we tasted notable gins in Belgium and a range of remarkable sakes in Japan.

Hospitality Awards

At hotels and restaurants aiming to provide the highest level of hospitality, it is people who make the difference. Here are our Editors' Choice Award winners.

7 Delicious Sparkling Wines From England — Yes, England

The high quality of English sparkling wines comes as a shock to most people. These seven compare favorably and sometimes top their famous French counterparts.

Drinking, Corsican Style

Corsicans invariably prefer to consume products that are made on their beloved island, whether it's wine, beer or mineral water.

The 5 Best Wine Bars in Tbilisi

Wine-making began 8,000 years ago in Georgia. To this day, the country has a robust wine scene. Here are five wine bars we loved in Tbilisi.

Favorite Wineries in Georgia, the Birthplace of Viticulture

Georgia also has some 500 indigenous grape varieties and an 8,000-year history of winemaking. Our editor visited six wineries while he was there.

Lighthouse Living Off the Coast of Italy

Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia, an elegant inn on the island of Salina, just converted its 19th-century lighthouse into six more rooms overlooking the Aeolian sea.

The Rebirth of Abruzzo Wines

The wines of Abruzzo are becoming better known thanks to a small group of producers who are making exceptional vintages from the region's grapes.

The Best Dalmatian Wine Bars

I highly recommend trying some of Croatia's inviting wine bars. I found five immensely enjoyable ones along the Dalmatian Coast.

7 Sparkling Wines for Summer

In summer, a glass of bubbly feels almost mandatory. In addition to ever-popular Champagne, here are seven interesting sparkling wines worth trying this summer.

Moroccan Wine: A Pleasant Surprise

Morocco may forbid drinking in public, but alcohol is not hard to come by in restaurants and hotels. Here's how to wisely choose your Moroccan wines.

Cisco Brewers: One Stop for Wine, Beer and Spirits in Nantucket

Cisco Brewers contains a distillery, winery and brewery in Nantucket. Offering food and outdoor seating, it's become somewhat of a beverage theme park.

Most Memorable Wine Tastings of the Year

The wide variety of high-quality wines produced nowadays continues to amaze me. This year I found several in unexpected places.

Hal Oates’ Best Wine Experiences of 2017

After judging more than 1,000 collector-level wines and visiting over 100 wineries worldwide, these were Porthos' best experiences of 2017.

Portland Wineries: Top-Quality Tastings Within the City

It’s not necessary to make a day trip to the Willamette Valley in order to visit quality wineries. Several worthwhile outfits have facilities within Portland.

Great Wines of Southern France

Cassis and Bandol are two wine-making regions known for creating quality wines in the South of France.

Lokoya Wine Tour

The most spectacular new winery experience in Napa is the Lokoya Estate. Andrew Harper's wine concierge is now offering guided tours for Harper collectors.

A Dordogne Distillery Where Spirits Are Made by Hand

Distillerie Louis Roque still produces its spirits by hand. We sampled sweet vermouth-like apéritifs, plum brandies and walnut liqueurs.

A Road Trip Through the Dordogne

The cinematic beauty of the Dordogne seems almost too perfect to be real. Wineries, châteaux and cave paintings are a few of the region's highlights.

Notable Dordogne Wineries

Vintners in the Dordogne have rededicated themselves to quality in recent years, producing world-class wines worthy of far more attention than they receive.

Texas Wines Come Into Their Own

Times have changed in the Lone Star State. There are now lots of delicious Texas wines to sip from more than 350 grape growers.

A Piece of Portugal for Yourself: Shopping in Lisbon

Portugal’s capital has more than its fair share of independent jewel-box shops set in beautiful historic buildings. These are my favorite things to bring home.

Tasting Cabernets With Napa Insiders

It will now be possible to sample the full spectrum of Favia’s highest-rated wines at its brand-new estate tasting room.

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