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The immensity of Asia is rivaled only by the vastness of the cultural and natural riches to be found there. Now, it is ever more possible for visitors to explore these treasures in luxury and style. Today, new hotels and resorts offer international standards of service and amenities in previously remote destinations such as the exotic Indian state of Rajasthan and the picturesque northern hill country of Thailand. Scarcely a month passes without another upscale property opening in Vietnam, a land in the midst of a sustained economic boom. Even tiny Bhutan in the eastern Himalayas, once the definition of inaccessibility, can now be explored in considerable comfort, thanks to a network of Amanresorts lodges across the country. And who would have dreamed a decade ago that nominally communist China would now have city hotels to rival those in Tokyo and Singapore, as well as refined resorts able to compete with the best that Bali has to offer?