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In the far south of the Caribbean, Grenada sees fewer catastrophic storms than its neighbors to the north. Lately, the island nation has become a focus of resort development, and not just because of its privileged location. Grenada has the requisite palm-fringed beaches (all are public), as well as a dramatic interior of emerald mountains laced with hiking trails and waterfalls. Its colorful capital, St. George’s, has a picturesque location straddling a ridge, sloping down to a natural harbor. Small manufacturers make fine artisanal chocolate, rum and nutmeg-based products — Grenada calls itself the “Spice Island” — often on former plantations dating back a century or three. And enigmatic petroglyphs decorating boulders and rock faces around the island remain as a testament to Grenada’s deeper history. Perhaps most important, Grenada’s inhabitants welcome visitors with warmth, and the island feels safe.

I recommend visiting Grenada in the shoulder season, just after the cruise ship season finishes. Mid-April through mid-June is an ideal time, but even during the cruising season, the island is large enough that crowds don’t overwhelm it.

Ask your resort to arrange access to the IAM Jet Centre, for quicker entry into the country and a very comfortable exit. It’s well-worth the money.