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This spectacular island is just 45 minutes by air from Rome and is much beloved by wealthy Romans and Milanese, especially those keen on sailing. Although parts of the interior can be stark and relatively flat (unlike mountainous Corsica to the north), mysterious megalithic nuraghi add interest, and the beaches and limpid water are some of the best in the Mediterranean. During the July and August high season, hotel prices on the Costa Smeralda are stratospheric. The climate does not become reliably hot and sunny until June, but agreeable weather often persists into late October.

Editor Tips

D.H. Lawrence's Guide to Sardinia

The essential pre-trip reading for Sardinia is D.H. Lawrence’s frequently grumpy (but astute and amusing) “Sea and Sardinia.”

Essential Dining Options

Dal Corsaro may be considered Cagliari’s best restaurant, but I prefer its bistro, Fork (Viale Regina Margherita 28. Tel. 070-664-318). In Costa Rei, a resort town where I’d expected fine cuisine to be scarce, seafood-focused L’Aragosta came as a pleasant surprise (Via Cristoforo Colombo 20. Tel. 070-991-118). And in Alghero, Quintilio Ristobar, set on a craggy point surrounded by sea, has an impeccable catch-of-the-day menu (Via El Trò 44. Tel. 392-302-0982).