Members’ Choice Awards

Hideaway Report members are a remarkable group: worldly, successful, highly educated and unusually affluent. One striking characteristic is their loyalty to a small number of iconic properties: the best hideaways worldwide.

Favorite Hideaway Hotel

These intimate hotels display a strong individual character, a sophisticated atmosphere and the utmost dedication to personal service.

“Our members are what drive the Hideaway Report and inspire our editors to seek out the highest-quality travel accommodations and amenities.”

– Hideaway Report Editor-in-Chief
Hotel That Made You Feel Special

The best hotels make their guests feel not only welcome but incredibly special. Our members found the hospitality most impressive at these three properties.

Most Incredible Pool

A well-appointed pool can act as a centerpiece or a sanctuary for a property; our members found the following three hotel pools to be the most captivating.

Hotel With The Best View

A hotel can be completely transformed by a spectacular vista. Our members found the views at the following properties to be the most awe-inspiring.

Best Place To Unplug

It's harder than ever to unplug from the world these days, but these three properties were almost designed to encourage a digital cleanse.

Most Indulgent Spa

An inviting spa should act as a sanctuary for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. The following three wellness retreats were our members' favorites.

Culturally Connected Hotel

Immersion in the local culture is important to our members. These hotels offer a strong sense of place, while also focusing on community outreach.

Best Wildlife Experience

Many of our recommended properties facilitate extraordinary wildlife experiences, but our members found these three to be the most unforgettable.

Best Hotel Restaurant

The quality of cuisine is a major consideration when choosing where to stay. Our members found the following three restaurants to be most impressive.

Most Romantic Hotel

Many of our recommended hideaways are ideal for weddings, engagements, honeymoons and couples' getaways. Our members found these three to be the most romantic.

Best Adventure Activities

For some of our members, a perfect vacation is best achieved by completing an exhilarating outdoor challenge. The following three properties excel at adventure.

Best Hotel For Kids

Bringing the whole family on vacation will always have its challenges, but these three properties excel at entertaining the kids so parents can relax.

Best Beach Hotel

Whether or not you're a water sports enthusiast, there is no substitute for a pristine coastline. Our members deemed these three beaches the most superlative.

Photo Contest Winners

We asked our members to share with us their best travel photos. From images of alpine trails to safari game drives, these are the winners.

Bucket List Destinations

We asked our well-traveled members which three countries or regions are currently topping their bucket lists. Their answers were as exotic as expected.

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