A Newly Recommended Hotel in Japan


As well as being peaceful, clean and polite, Japan jealously protects its unique cultural identity. On this occasion, we decided to stay at a few of the country’s famous onsen ryokan (hot-spring inns). A new property that occupies a high-rise in the financial district of Tokyo proved to be the surprise of the trip.

Hoshinoya Tokyo

Billed as the only true onsen ryokan in central Tokyo, this property occupies a 17-floor high-rise in the financial district. To maintain a feeling of serenity in a larger hotel, the 84 rooms are divided into groups of six, with each floor functioning as a self-contained ryokan with lounges offering tea and confections throughout the day. Rooms are decorated in a Japanese minimalist style with tatami-lined floors, low western-style beds, hidden televisions and baths with deep soaking tubs and TOTO washlet toilets.

From the editor: “Despite the property’s being full, its layout made it feel as though we had the place all to ourselves.”

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The common room on our floor at Hoshinoya Tokyo
The common room on our floor at Hoshinoya Tokyo - Photo by Hideaway Report editor
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