Aman Comes to Kyoto

Aman Resorts is scheduled to open a property in Kyoto, in November. The resort is set in the verdant and secluded foothills of Hidari Daimonji mountain.

Disappointments of the Year

Hideaway Report editors often find themselves at the point where the hotel website collides with reality. Here are our biggest disappointments of the year.

Most Memorable Wine and Spirit Tastings

As well as finding unusual wines in unexpected places on our travels this year, we tasted notable gins in Belgium and a range of remarkable sakes in Japan.

Video: Kyoto's Monkey Park

For travelers looking for a different sort of wildlife experience, I would recommend Iwatayama Monkey Park in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto.

Favorite Hotels of the Year

In 2018, Hideaway Report editors discovered an unusual number of exotic far-flung retreats and several exquisite city hotels. Here are their favorites.

Video: Riding the Anpanman-Themed Train in Japan

The Japanese have a way of making everything cute. Their trains are no exception. We rode the Anpanman-themed train from Kyoto to Matsuyama.

Top Hideaway Report Stories of 2018

Of all the Hideaway Report articles we published this year, readers found these 10 -- about Italy, Morocco, Japan and more -- to be their favorites.

Beat the Crowds: A Day in Kyoto

Kyoto draws hordes of tour groups every day. As in many of the world's most touristy spots, the best idea is to start early. Here's a daylong itinerary.

Indelible Memory: The Black Kites of Kyoto

A happy accident involving "black kites" and a sandwich on the banks of the Katsura River ends up feeling like a Kyoto rite of passage.

Video: Shirakawa-go Day Trip

Shirakawa-go is one of the best places to see traditional gassho-zukuri buildings, the steeply pitched thatched-roof houses still in use today.

Video: Hakone Round Course

Hakone is a popular day trip from Tokyo. This round course itinerary takes in the major sites via a gondola ride and a pirate ship ferry.

My Japanese Music Playlist: 7 Discoveries to Inspire a Trip

Get ready for a trip to Japan with our Spotify playlist, featuring everything from upbeat pop music to soothing classical from seven artists.

Shopping in Japan: Kyoto's Best Stores

If you love food and design, Kyoto has some of the best shopping in the world. Here are highlights from our most recent trip to Japan.

Soaking Up Japan: A Tour of New and Classic Onsen Ryokan

Our editor visits Japan and stays at four of the country’s famous onsen ryokan (hot-spring inns) in Tokyo, Takayama, Matsuyama and Hakone,

A Newly Recommended Hotel in Japan

For the November 2018 issue, our editor explored onsen ryokan in Japan. A new property occuping a high-rise in Tokyo proved to be the surprise of the trip.

Letter From the Editor: November 2018

For the November 2018 issue, we traveled to London and Japan. We found fine hotels in both, including a design hotel in Holborn and an onsen ryokan in Tokyo.

Members' Choice 2018: Next on Your Bucket List

We asked our well-traveled members which three countries or regions are currently topping their bucket lists. Their answers were as exotic as expected.

New and Noteworthy, April 2016

Andrew Harper points to notable luxury travel news, like the new Aman Onsen Resort a restored Casa Grande and a lavish aviation lounge in South Africa.

Last Look: March 2016 Hideaway Report

Andrew Harper shares the "Last Look" photo from the March Hideaway Report as the editors travel to new destinations in the next issue.

Hong Kong Restaurants

In Hong Kong, food is a constant topic of conversation. As disposable income has increased with a thriving economy, so too has the number of high-end options.

Walking Tour: The Best of Old Hong Kong

Despite the forests of towers sprouting up on both sides of Victoria Harbour, there are areas of Hong Kong that remain as they have for decades.

Japan Gastronomy Photo Tour

As usual, there were an abundance of beautiful pictures from our March issue. Explore the culinary delights from Andrew Harper's trip to Japan, below.

6 Newly Recommended Hotels, March 2016

The March Hideaway Report follows Andrew Harper's travels to Japan, where he evaluates new luxury hotels and resorts.

The Civilized Pleasures of Japan

The world could do with a lot more places like Japan. This was a thought that recurred constantly during a wonderful two-week trip I made last fall.

Shopping in Japan for Cooks and Food-Lovers

There are more than 80,000 restaurants in Tokyo, and Kappabashi-dori, a street in the Asakusa neighborhood, is where their chefs come when they need cookware.

Japanese Beef

The current popularity of Wagyu beef around the world has drawn attention to Japan's traditions of producing distinctive meat from local breeds of cattle.

The Raku Museum

Fans of Japanese ceramics shouldn’t miss this exhibition of Raku ware, which has been made by the Raku family since 1574.

Best Hotel Restaurants in Tokyo

Below you will find our eight favorite Tokyo restaurants. However, on this trip our most memorable dining experiences were at hotels.

A Perfect Day Out in Hakone

A refreshing and stylish weekend getaway, Hakone offers fresh air and beautiful scenery, including, on clear days, a view of Mount Fuji on the horizon.

Letter From the Editor, March 2016

Andrew Harper reveals details about the hotels, regions and destinations of Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto and Hong Kong featured in the March 2016 Hideaway Report.

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