The Raku Museum


The Raku Museum

Fans of Japanese ceramics shouldn’t miss this exhibition of Raku ware, which has been made by the Raku family since 1574, and was inspired by the Sancai ware of Ming Dynasty China. Produced by generation after generation, with each making subtle changes to express an evolution in style and technical innovation, Raku ware has been prized by tea masters for centuries. The muted earth tones and “rough” finish of the pieces embody the wabi-sabi aesthetic, the Buddhist-inspired world view that everything is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

Exhibition room - © Collection of the Raku Museum
Raku tea bowl, yakinuki type, named Hakuraku (Sacred White Horse) by Raku Kichizaemon XV - © Collection of the Raku Museum

The small, private Raku Museum is an inspiring expression of Japanese aesthetics and is located a few blocks west of the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park (Gosho). Closed Monday. 84 Aburanokôji Nakadachi-uri agaru, Kamigyo-ku. Tel. (81) 75-414-0304.

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