Staff Travel Wish List V


Our staff travel wish list continues this week with the fifth installment in the series. This group's list of must-see destinations for 2014 are scattered across the globe – from the European cultural capital of Riga to the tango-infused countryside of Argentina. See where our well-traveled staff members are dreaming of traveling to this year, below.

Latvia and Japan

Who: Contributing Editor, Europe

Why: Riga, Latvia is one of the most charming cities in Europe, and this year it will be European Cultural Capital, which means a really fascinating program of cultural events all year long. The city's food scene is really taking off, too, so I'm eager to discover all of the new restaurants there, and would also like to see more of Latvia's gorgeous countryside

Why: Tokyo, Japan is one of the most intriguing places I've ever been, and I'd love to get to know it better. With the opening of a new Aman hotel there later in 2014, the city will be even more appealing, too. Tokyo also has one of the world's most amazing food scenes, and I'd love to get out into the country and discover a ryokan (traditional Japanese country inn).


Who: Colin, Associate Director, The Andrew Harper Alliance

Why: My mother is from Hungary, and the last time I was in Budapest was 1990; I understand it has changed a lot since then, and I would love to explore the city (and maybe find a special hideaway hotel to suggest to AH!).


Who: Edward, Associate Director of Technology and Operations

Why: I love to escape the fast pace of America and slowdown amongst the friendly country and seaside villages of the country. There is an aura that envelopes you as soon as you enter Ireland; with its rich history, picturesque landscapes, mesmerizing people, and of course, the beer. I always love making my way to Galway and County Claire, and staying among the many bed and breakfasts the country has to offer.

Argentina and New Zealand

Who: Paula, Travel Consultant

Why: Argentina - My­ love of tango, red meat and the legend of Evita.

Why: New Zealand ­- Natural beauty, fresh air and lots of sheep. I have been very lucky to have been to many locations around the world and I have traveled extensively throughout Europe. These two are true bucket list destinations for me. I would be happy to go to anywhere, but I have developed a sense of adventure and enjoy doing things out of my comfort zone.

This is the fifth post in our 2014 Staff Travel Wish List series.

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