Video: Zambezi River Wildlife

Our writer took video on sensational game drives in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, the Zambezi National Park and on sundowner cruises on the Zambezi River.

Contrasting Safari Lodges at Victoria Falls

Visitors to Victoria Falls in the rainy season are rewarded in many ways. On this trip we stayed on the Zambia side and the Zimbabwe side of the falls.

Beyond Victoria Falls: Game Viewing in Zambia and Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is the region's star attraction, but it is a shame to neglect the wildlife. Four nights is enough time to see animals on both sides of the falls.

Indelible Memory: A Sundowner Drive in the Hoanib Valley

Sundowner drives are always wonderful, but this one, in Namibia's Hoanib Valley stood out for its scenery, elephants at play, a sudden rainbow and more.

Namibia’s New Luxury Lodges

A trip to Namibia uncovers upscale lodges amid an otherworldly landscape of red dunes, the canyons of Hoanib Valley, the brooding Skeleton Coast and beyond.

A River Safari Aboard the Zambezi Queen

The 14-cabin Zambezi Queen makes excursions up and down the Chobe River, between Botswana and Namibia. Two days allow for fishing, game viewing and more.

The Rich Wildlife of Namibia: A Photo Essay

Namibia may be known for its otherworldly landscapes and harsh conditions, but the wildlife -- elephant, giraffe and more -- have adapted and are a joy to see.

13 Exceptional Hotels for Bird-watching

There is no shortage of luxurious retreats located in significant birding spots across the globe. Here are 13 exceptional hotels for bird-watching.

Best Travel Experiences of the Year

Our editors had an unforgettable year in travel. Here are the life-changing hikes, wildlife experiences, road trips and itineraries of the year.

Video: Kyoto's Monkey Park

For travelers looking for a different sort of wildlife experience, I would recommend Iwatayama Monkey Park in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto.

Ocean House: A Floating Ecolodge in British Columbia

Owned by the indigenous Haida Nation, Ocean House is a new 12-room floating ecolodge in British Columbia.

6 Memorable Encounters With Elephants

In celebration of World Elephant Day, we gathered our favorite elephant memories from staff trips, where we interacted with these majestic creatures.

Video: Journey to the Orangutans

Follow our editor as he takes a five-hour journey through the jungle in southern Borneo to see orangutans at the world’s leading orangutan research center.

Five Endangered Species in Indonesia

Indonesia's tropical forests are home to a wide variety of species, many facing extinction. Here are five to know.

Indonesia: Where Komodo Dragons Are King

Take a trip to the Indonesian islands to view the mighty Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard, and snorkel in the pristine Flores Sea.

A Journey to the Orangutans

After an hourlong flight across the Java Sea from Jakarta, I landed at Pangkalan Bun, near Borneo, to meet my guide and the orangutans that call it home.

Video: Gorillas at Play in Rwanda

This is what it's like to see mountain gorillas up close in their natural habitat, happily chewing on sticks of wild celery, completely indifferent to humans.

Tracking Mahale Chimps: A Thrilling Experience

The place with the most unforgettable chimpanzee sightings is Mahale Mountains National Park, which now boasts a first-rate lodge in Greystoke Mahale.

Azura Selous: A Refuge in Tanzania's Wilderness

The Selous in Tanzania is Africa's biggest game reserve. It is also one of the continent’s surviving wilderness areas that is much like it was 10,000 years ago.

Indelible Memory: A Leopard Encounter in the Selous

On a recent visit to the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, our editor came face to face with a leopard, typically quite elusive creatures there.

Gorillas in Our Midst: The Rwanda Wildlife Experience That Left Us Breathless

Rwanda has changed, and the best way to experience it is a visit to Wilderness Safaris’ new Bisate Lodge, next to Volcanoes National Park.

Indelible Memory: Kayaking the Salish Sea

To get an up-close view of orcas, we booked a full-day kayaking excursion with Discovery Sea Kayaks along the coast of San Juan Island.

Indelible Memory: A Bear Sighting in North Carolina

At a stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, we came across a black bear crossing the road and were thankful for our glimpse into his world.

Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for its Buddhist architecture, tea plantations and golden beaches. But the country is also the best place in the world to watch blue whales.

8 Elephant Hotels: Stay and Play With the Pachyderms

Eight Harper-recommended properties where guests can interact with, learn about and observe elephants in their natural habitats.

Botswana’s Mombo Camp Reinvented

The main Mombo Camp and the nearby Little Mombo Camp are currently being rebuilt and are scheduled to reopen in early 2018.

Last Word: The Conservation of Kenya's Cheetah

Conservation news out of Kenya is worrisome, but the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia has helped increase the population by more than a third.

Best Travel Experiences 2017

Andrew Harper looks back at the year in travel and reminisces about his most memorable experiences.

People of Note in Hospitality 2017

From chef of the year to best hotel manager, Andrew Harper singles out individuals who made a distinct impact on his travel in 2016.

Birding in Ecuador's Cloud Forest

Even if you have no intention of keeping a “life list,” it’s impossible not to feel excited by the incredible variety of gorgeously colorful birds in Ecuador.

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